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Are you looking for wallpaper-removal services in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Interior Painting Services is here to provide you with the efficient treatment of removing wallpaper. We provide all type of wallpaper removing services in Dubai for the fascinating upgrade of your interiors. Our specialized workers provide exceptional treatments in order to prepare your walls for the installations of new wall-coverings.

Interior Painting Services is a leading wallpaper removal and Wall painting services Provider in Dubai. Our removal expert will remove your outdated wallpaper without damaging your wall paint. We have worked for many clients in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. we also cleanup the old wallpaper mess after removal service.

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Feature Of Our Wallpaper Removal Dubai Service


Assessment & Preparation
Our qualified professionals conduct a meticulous assessment of the wall surface.


Damage Prevention
Our expert team utilizes advanced removal techniques to minimize the risk of wall damage.


Competitive Pricing
Interior Painting Services ensures an affordable and timeless process for wall sticker removal.


Flawless Removal
Swiftly eliminate outdated & peeling wallpapers without demaging your paint.

Exclusive Benefits Of Hiring Us For Wallpaper Removal Treatment

Our expert team assesses, prepares, and employs the latest techniques to ensure affordable and timeless results. Some other benefits are mention below:

  • For wallpaper installation & installation, our skillful team spends adequate time assessing the wall condition and preparing it well.
  • To eliminate the chances of wall damage, they employ the latest techniques and equipment.
  • Our team always ensures an affordable, timeless process.
  • You can get rid of outdated and peeling wallpapers without any trouble by hiring our experienced wall paint workers.
  • We aim to preserve your interior beauty and wall look by providing a fast wallpaper removal Dubai service.
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Our Experts Provide Excellent Wallpaper Removal Services

Acquire the old wallpaper removal & painting service from the region’s best handymen who are equipped with excellence and skills. Our team ensures the smooth erasure of wallpaper using advanced tools. Throughout the entire removal procedure, we ensure that not a single inch of the wall is harmed.

After the flawless removal, our workers eliminate all the imperfections of the walls. We also offer the exclusive service of skim coating and sanding to create a smooth surface for new wallpaper installations.

Why Choose Us For Wallpaper Removal Dubai?

Interior Painting Services is a trustworthy firm facilitating homeowners with the flawless treatment of wallpapers removal at budget-friendly rates. Our experts are renowned for removing old wallpapers with utmost perfection. Our streamlined removal services are meant to provide you with smooth and damage-free walls for the installation of new wallpapers.

We have the most passionate team with the experience of decades to perform the wallpaper-removal job efficiently. After inspecting the wallpaper type, we use the latest strategies and equipment to ensure a straightforward process. Book our experts today for an efficient and affordable wallpaper removal service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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The Mostly Asked Questions

To ensure a smooth removal, you can use a scoring tool to peel off the edges. Additionally, a wallpaper steamer can be extremely helpful to loosen the adhesive.

For the efficient removal of wallpapers, you’ll need a wallpaper stripper, a spray bottle, a paint roller, a putty knife or scraper, and a scoring tool (if necessary). Additionally, you’ll need a ladder, soap, and water.

Using chemicals or solvents is not required if you are dealing with peel-and-stick wallpapers. However, wallpapers with adhesive backings require hot water, a chemical stripper, and a steamer for effective removal.

It would be great to hire professionals to perform wallpaper removal. Our experts will efficiently remove wallpapers without any damage to the walls. By hiring our professionals, you can enjoy affordable, timeless, and flawless wallpaper removal services.

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