How To Stick Paper On The Wall Without Damaging Paint

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How To Stick Paper On The Wall Without Damaging Paint is creative to decorate your space with a wallpaper. They could be a piece of your artwork, posters, motivational quotes, or occasional decorative papers. They reflect your creativity and personality, but sometimes people hesitate to do so because improper wallpaper installation can damage the paint of your walls. The damaged paint reduces the resale value of your space that no one wants to experience ever.

Wallpaper Installation Fulfill Highlighted Purposes

Wallpaper Installation Fulfill Highlighted Purposes

Per your requirements, wallpapers offer different purposes.

  • It could be for a decorative purpose. This artwork enhances the beauty of your space and reflects your personality.
  • People mostly stick paper on the wall on specific occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, and Eid for celebrations.
  • Furthermore, the paper with inspirational quotes motivates you and boosts your confidence.
  • Most importantly, you can hide the damaged area of the wall with the help of these decorative papers. It could prevent you from investing more money on the damaged wall.
  • Moreover, you can stick calendars on the wall, which will help you manage time and will make you more organized.
  • For the educational purposes of your children, you can use poem, alphabetic, and quote wallpapers so he can memorize it sooner.
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Common But Safe Wallpaper Sticking Methods

Installing a wallpaper could be trouble-creating but This guide will help you following easier methods without causing any damage to the walls.

Method 1: Removable adhesive strips

Removable adhesive strips

If you want to stick paper temporarily on the wall, you can use adhesive strips. They prevent your wall paint from creating any harm. You can use:

  • Command Strips
  • Blu Tack

Follow the steps below for Command Strips.

  1. Use a dry cloth to clean the dirt present on the wall surface for proper adhesion.
  2. Use adhesive strips and paste on the back of the paper.
  3. After pasting remove its backing to stick it to the desired surface.
  4. Here you are done. You can remove the strips, and they will not cause any damage.

For Blu Tack, follow the guidelines given below.

  1. Blu tack is present in the form of putty, and you can use it for temporary sticking.
  2. Like above, clean the surface and take a small part to make it stretchable.
  3. Now, roll the putty on a ball and apply it to the back of your paper.
  4. Determine the surface and stick to it. It can also be removed easily.

Method 2: Poster putty

Poster putty

The poster putty can bear lightweight paper-made decorations like charts and posters. It is reusable, and you can remove it quickly. Tombow, and Loctite mounting putty, Alcolin putty are some types used for sticking purposes.

  1. Just like blu tack, you need to take a small amount of this putty and make it flexible to apply.
  2. Apply this putty on a piece of paper after rolling it on the ball.
  3. Clean the surface before sticking. Now, attach the paper and gently press it.
  4. The poster putty is used for various purposes, and you can use it without fear of damage.

Method 3: Washi tape

Washi tape

Washi tapes could also be a good choice for sticking. Washi tapes are available in various designs and colors, thus you can give a decorative touch to your space. It is made from natural fiber like bamboo, so it is low-budget. Below are some steps to use washi tape for sticking.

  1. Cleaning the surface is necessary because accumulated dirt could cause trouble in sticking.
  2. Take the washi tape according to your choice and cut with a knife.
  3. Now, take the decoration paper and apply the tape at its back.
  4. Place the paper where you want to stick and then press it gently. There is a benefit of using washi tape because you can also do repositioning.

Method 4: Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape

The temporary wall decor can be done with the help of double-sided tape. It is effective for sticking. It doesn’t cause any peeling to the wall.

  1. Use a dry cloth or cotton for wall cleaning purposes..
  2. Cut a double-sided tape following required measurements and apply it to the backside of the wallpaper.
  3. Now, remove the backing and paste it to the desired wall point.
  4. You can also reposition it if pasted in the wrong place; it will not cause any damage.

Other methods

There are some other methods that you can select for sticking purposes.

Scotch tape 

The scotch tape could be a good choice because it works well on fresh paint, drywall, or wood walls. It quickly got stuck to the surface, and you can remove it at any time without the fear of harm. It can last for 30 days on the wall. So, you can use it for occasional or seasonal wall decoration.


Glue is a traditional yet a very effective approach for wallpaper sticking. Use glue carefully with the help of a glue stick to skip later-on troubles. Make sure it is evenly distributed and was created for temporary/ removable purposes.

Spray adhesive

Spray adhesives usage is considered a safe method for wallpaper sticking. It is a quick way to fix a paper on the wall, and the duration of this sticking depends upon the type of adhesive that you are using. Use temporary adhesive, spray it on the decoration item, and paste it to the clean surface.

Damaged Wall Paint Cause Troubles

Damaged Wall Paint Cause Troubles

Painting the walls of your home is time-consuming as well as expensive. Wallpaper is the only way to protect your place’s walls from damages but our wallpaper Fixing can also create troubles for your wall paint if you won’t be careful. See, what troubles can a damaged wall paint create.

  • A Decrease In Resale Value
  • Repainting Walls Is Costly
  • Ruin The Appearance Of The Building


Do you want to enhance the elegance of your space by using creative yet interesting artwork, calendars, and posters? But pasting them on the wall could cause damage to the paint. You can stick paper on the wall without causing any damage with the help of several alternatives.

You can choose command strips, blu tack, poster putty, and many more. These will help you to prevent your paint from any damage. Be careful!

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