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To redefine the appearance and ambiance of your residential & commercial settings, we provide you with a variety of paints including eggshell, water-based, glossy, oil-based, and matte options. Also, you can pick distemper, acrylic, textured, or latex paints to improve the style and aesthetics timelessly. In addition to that, you can personalize the number of coatings depending on the condition of your walls.

As the leading Exterior wall painting company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we provide these exclusive treatments for every kind of smooth or textured interior or exterior wall. To enhance the visual worth and elegance, you can also select different paint styles including satin, ombre, multi-colored, and other artistic abstract designs. Also, you can match any color to your surroundings by selecting from an extensive range of paint codes.

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Give your interiors a renewed look by booking our wall painting Dubai services for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and commercial spaces. No matter what type of paint you choose, we provide you with hassle-free services at affordable rates, without any compromise on the quality of our painting services for bedrooms.

To coordinate with the furnishing elements and flooring essentials, you can select from an extensive range of light to dark and vibrant to neutral colors for paints. We also provide aluminum-pigmented heat-resistant paintwork with protective capabilities against temperature fluctuations.

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If you were looking for professional wall painters in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, your search ends here because we’ve got you an expert crew for unmatched office wall Painting Services in Dubai. You can trust our skilled craftsmen for the meticulous execution of the project. From initial consultation of selecting the best color combination till work completion, we ensure precision and flawless finish.

To initiate this, our team goes for a wall inspection assesses the extent of damage, and then proceeds with paint application after surface preparation through wall sanding and priming. With an unmatched proficiency, they’ll paint rooms and also perform the final inspections to ensure flawlessness.

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Interior Painting Services is the top-notch firm in Dubai to provide you with effective solutions and expertise to transform your residential & commercial walls. Our skillful painters specialize in creating smooth and elegant interiors by treating your damaged, scratched, or flaky paint walls.

By choosing us, you can avail of instant consultations from our professionals regarding the color selection that’s suitable for your space. For any kind of property, we use high-quality paints, ensuring a long-lasting finish. Schedule your slot with our painters today!

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for one wall is entirely dependent on the type of paint used and wall dimensions per square meter. You can get an accurate price quote by contacting us and discussing the wall parameters and type or style of paint.


Already painted surfaces won’t require a primer but if you are dealing with surfaces that were never painted even once before, you’ll need a coat of primer. This coat of primer will ensure a smooth and clean finish over walls.

The lead time to paint a room’s walls with average dimensions can take between 1-2 hours depending on the proficiency of the service suppliers. However, it can take 2-3 hours depending on the spaciousness of your room, existing wall condition, and paint type.

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